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          中文版| English| sitemap

          Welcome to the Porunform website!


          24 hour hotline:16712169888

          Porunform made in italy

          Good quality is the absolute principlemade in italy

          Import furniture expertsmade in italy


          Porunform aims to create a beautiful home experience. At the beginning of 20th century, an Italian named Monbel from Como worked for Emile who is the 3rd generation head as a free trainee at Paris. And he was highly praised coz his gifted harness genius. In 1910s, Monbel took a prominent position in Hermans Family business with his outstanding skills, also, founded his workshop by training his son Porun. In 1920s, he was involved in Hermes zipped golf jacket for Prince Wales, which became the first successful design of leather clothing and caused a sensation.....


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